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Posted on July 22, 2018
Chicago 41.878100, -87.629800
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“Here’s Where The Story Ends”, The Sundays, (1990)

Contrary to expectations riding into Chicago was by far the most enjoyable cycling day of this trip, a really nice finish. The wind had turned and pushed me along, and after 15 miles on some back roads I found a cycle path that then took me the remaining 40 miles to and then along the lake front, right to the centre of town.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported NO2CH by donating, I will add the freebies I was given along the way and other offline donations to the VG site shortly. Hopefully with one final push I can hit my target. Thanks also to Miguel & Giles for joining me and riding from Memphis to Nashville, they may not be delighted to hear they got most of the tougher hills. Thanks to Euan & Rich for their company in New Orleans when I landed, and thanks to all the bike shops both in the US & UK who got and kept me going, over 1,300 miles with only one blown tyre and two broken spokes. And special thanks to Catherine for again indulging me with the trip (and everything else).

I need to apologise to the charities though. I was told in a bar one evening that a local TV station in Kentucky had carried my photo on the news earlier that day, and for a short time it seemed this would be followed up by an interview which may have produced even more donations. I assume at some point in the process someone may have actually read the blog, and since I was in the heart of the Baptist Bible Belt this opportunity fell by the wayside. It’s a shame I had spent the whole morning thinking about my approach and how I might escape unscathed. In the end I decided that if I was asked something like, “So David what do you think about our president?”, I would just keep it simple and say, “I don’t think he’ll be going to heaven”.

Unlike M2M I am not apologising to those I may have teased in the blog this time, they deserve it from where I’m sitting. Some parts of the blog may appear biased but I was simply responding to stuff that has been going on as I have followed it in the news. That Corbyn et al seem to think their best chance of success is to say and do absolutely nothing (save for finding even more ways of provoking accusations of racism), and the current and a former leader of the Lib Dem’s were both too busy recently to even vote on one of the main political issues we face, doesn’t auger well generally, but also doesn’t provide too much material for taking the piss. All very worrying.

To the M2M dedications: Troy O’Connor, Peter Crawford, Jens Schou & Elizabeth Hannaford, I need this time to add Anne Hannaford (she may not have agreed with many of the blogs, but would have had the decency to at least smile at some of the jokes), and Robert ‘Bob’ Smith, my Father, badly missed.

I have had a great time, lost 1/2 a stone and my body is in no worse state than when I set out. Thanks for reading.